Compromise Resolution on Nigeria


Joint Motion for resolution

– B5-0473 (PPE-DE) – McCartin, Bowis, Ferrer, Martens, Mauro, Maij-Weggen, Pack, Smet,
Korhola, and Schierhuber
– B5-0471 (PSE) Lissy Gröner, Anna Karamanou, María Izquierdo Rojo, ElenaValenciano,
Anne Van Lancker-
– B5-0484 (ELDR)- Baroness Emma Nicholson, Bob van den Bos, Marieke Sanders-Ten Holte,
Ole Sørensen and Astrid Thor
– B5-0465 (Verts/Ale)- Monica Frassoni, Nelly Maes, Caroline Lucas, Didier Rod, Matti Wuori,
and Marianne Isler Béguin
– B5-0480 (GUE/NGL) Marianne Eriksson, Sylviane H. Ainardi, Feleknas Uca, Luisa
Morgantini, Ilda Figueiredo, Pernille Frahm, Armando Cossutta,
Efstratios Korakas, Esko Seppäne

The European Parliament,
– Having regard to its previous resolutions of 11 April 2002, 15 November 2001 and 15 February 2001 on the human rights situation in Nigeria, (4th indent, B5-0473/ PPE-ED)

– Having regard to the EU Council statement of 21 August 2002 on death sentence by stoning of Ms Amina Lawal which 'expects that Ms Lawal will have all opportunities for appeal at federal level, (2nd indent, B5-0473/PPE-ED)

– Having regard to the EU Council statement of 27 March 2002, which welcomed 'the acquittal of Safiya Hussaini by the Sokoto Sharia Court of Appeal (3rd indent, B5-0473/PPE-ED)

– Having regard to the resolution adopted by the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly on 21 March 2001 on the situation in West Africa, with particular reference to the paragraphs on Nigeria, (5th indent, B5-0473/PPE-ED)

– Having regard to its resolution of 7 February 2002 on the EU's rights, priorities and recommendations for the 58th session of the UN Commission on Human Rights, (6th indent B5-0473/PPE-ED)

– Having regard to the international human rights covenants ratified by Nigeria, particularly the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women and the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, (8th B5-0473/indent PPE-ED)

– Having regard to the Nigerian Constitution as amended in 1999, ( 9th indent B5-0473/PPE-ED)

A. Profondément choqué par la confirmation le 19 août par la cour d’appel islamique de Funtua, dans l’Etat de Katsina, de la condamnation à mort par lapidation de Madame Amina Lawal « pour adultère » ( A, GUE/B5-0480)

B. Whereas the Upper Sharia Court of New Gawu in Niger State on 26 August 2002 sentenced to death by stoning for committing adultery two young lovers Ahmadu Ibrahim and Fatima Usman, ( C PPE/B5-0473)

C. Considérant que depuis un mois, de nouvelles condamnations à mort par lapidation ont été prononcées aux termes de la Charia, en vigueur dans 12 Etats du Nord du Nigeria, (C PSE/B5-0471)

D. Vivement préoccupé par les réglementations adoptées par les Etats appliquant la charia, qui obligent les femmes à demeurer chez elles la nuit, instaurant une ségrégation selon le sexe dans les transports et refusant aux femmes l’égalité des droits en matière d’héritage ( D GUE/B5-0480)

E. Whereas Upper Niger, Jigawa, Sokoto and Katsina states are among a dozen states in the country's predominantly Muslim north that have introduced strict Islamic Sharia law since 2000, with worsening consequences for civil liberties and respect for human rights, ( F PPE B5-0473/)

F. Whereas the current legal interpretations of the Sharia penal codes by some Sharia courts in Nigeria include the application of the death penalty, which violates international human rights agreements ratified by Nigeria, including the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, the Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, (G PPE/ B5-0473)

G. Considérant que cette interprétation de la charia a des conséquences irréversibles pour la vie des personnes, mais qu’elle n’est pas la seule en vigueur ;(E PSE/B5-0471)

H. Whereas Nigerian Justice Minister Agabi told the 12 northern Nigerian states applying Sharia law that "a Muslim should not be subjected to a punishment more severe than would be imposed on other Nigerians for the same offence" and that any court "which imposes discriminatory punishment is deliberately flouting the constitution" [Section 42 (1a) which guarantees sexual, religious, ethnic and political freedoms], (L PPE/B5-0473)

I. Considérant que des membres du gouvernement nigérians ont estimé que la Charia est injuste envers les femmes et ont qualifié de violation des droits de l’homme la condamnation à mort par adultère, qualifiant notamment que « le verdict de la Cour islamique condamnant Amina Lawal fait apparaître clairement que la Charia est pleine de préjugés contre les femmes et les punit injustement pour un acte entre deux personnes »; (G PSE/B5-0471)

J. Whereas the sentences passed by Sharia Courts in some northern Nigerian States undermine civil liberties, denigrate human rights and prevent efforts to reconcile different ethnic and religious groups; (A PPE/ B5-0473)

K. Whereas in 2003, there will be a Presidential Election in which the application of Sharia law could be an electoral issue as Islamic parties urge General Ibrahim Babangida, a former military ruler, to stand, (N PPE/B5-0473)

L. Whereas some northern Governors, especially by their decision of 29 February 2001 to suspend Sharia law in certain states already enforcing it, have tried to end the use of Sharia law resulting in serious retaliatory attacks and violence, ( I PPE/ B5-0473)

1. Dénonce l'arrêt de la cour islamique de Bakori (État de Katsina), et de la Cour d’appel, qui confirme la condamnation à mort par lapidation d'Amina Lawal, coupable d'avoir eu un enfant après son divorce; (1 PSE/B5-0471)

2. Expresses its categorical opposition to the death penalty in all circumstances because it represents the ultimate violation of the right to life guaranteed by international law;( 4 ELDR/B5-0484)

3. Expresses its deep concern at the implementation of new Sharia-based penal codes since January 2000 in a number of northern states in Nigeria; (1 ELDR/B5-0484)

4. Urges the Governors of Katsina, Upper Niger and Jigawa states to follow the example of Sokoto State by exercising clemency and quashing the death penalties passed; (2PPE-B5-0473)

5. Considers punishments such as stoning, flogging or amputation as cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment by international human rights standards; (2 ELDR/B5-0484)

6. Condamne toutes les formes d'intolérance religieuse, et constate avec préoccupation que l'interprétation et l'application fondamentalistes de la charia dans certains Etats nigérians est contraire au respect des droits humains fondamentaux et invite le gouvernement fédéral du Nigeria à garantir le strict respect de la constitution et de l'état de droit; ( 2 PSE/B5-0471)

7. Supports efforts by Nigeria's Federal Government to ensure that the courts and all 36 States fully respect and operate in accordance with the bill of rights in Nigeria's own constitution and with international human rights law; (4 PPE/ B5-0473)

8. Encourages the efforts of the government-appointed National Human Rights Commission to investigate past human rights abuses and to promote respect for human rights; ( 9 PPE/ B5-0473)

9. Welcomes moves by the Federal Government to ensure all who appeal against their sentences will receive legal support and urges the Nigerian federal authorities to guarantee the constitutional right of appeal for all those condemned under Sharia-based penal codes ensuring that they are able to appeal to higher jurisdictions, not only at state level but also at federal level;( 1EPP/B5-0473 mod. + 6 Green/Efa B5-0465)

10. Urges the European Union and international organisations to coordinate and provide full technical and legal assistance for Amina Lawal and other victims, and to ensure that the young couple currently held in prison are able to receive advice and visitors; (5 PPE/ B5-0473)

11. Rappelle sa demande de considérer les personnes victimes de persécutions fondamentalistes comme des personnes pouvant faire l’objet de demandes d’asile politique, surtout dans le cas de condamnation à mort par lapidation. (8 PSE/B5-0471)

12. Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the European Council, the Commission, governments and parliaments of the EU Member States and applicant countries, the Co-Presidents of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly, the Secretaries-General of the United Nations, the African Union, the Commonwealth, the OECD, the Inter-Parliamentary Union and the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, the Presidents of the United Nations General Assembly, United Nations Security Council, United Nations Economic and Social Committee, the European Investment Bank, the African Development Bank, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, and the President, Government, Parliament and 36 State Governors of Nigeria.s ( 18 EPP/B5-0473)

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