Libanonin tilanteesta


Thank you Mr President,

The recent Arab Summit was more soap than substance. It failed to resolve the important questions due to the absence key players.

Lebanon's political crisis and ever worsening security situation means the EU must improve the political dialogue and assist a return to the rule of law and democracy.

Despite the EU-Lebanon Action Plan having identified "effective
implementation of Lebanon's international commitments with respect to human rights and fundamental freedoms" a priority, almost no progress has been made.

Dysfunctional State Institutions and worsening economy have caused civil disquiet and protests. Even the recent teachers' strike is toothless without responsive state institutions.

The current political situation undermines the ENP reform agenda. But ENP can be the catalyst to political debate by moving it from power-based discussions towards issue-based discussions.

ENP partnership rewards progress. Lebanon is not the best student in learning and cooperating with ENP, but we cannot allow its adoption as if a strategic choice.

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